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The Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society and the success of the Royal Adelaide Show depends heavily on the following Committees and the dedicated Councillors who give their valuable time each year to assist. 
Sectional Committees manage the activities associated with their respective sections of the Society, arrange prize lists and appoint judges and stewards.


Agrifood and Commerce

Responsible for the promotion of food and fibre in South Australia. This committee also oversees the commercial income of site space across the retail pavilions, food and beverage outlets and carnival during the Royal Adelaide Show.


Cookery, Handicrafts and Technology

With input from artisans and educators, the Cookery, Handicrafts and Technology Committee oversee these creative competitions by maintaining traditional elements and introducing new innovations to attract competitors young and old.

Highland Cattle

Beef Cattle

Overseeing the competition of up to 17 different breeds of beef cattle, the Beef Cattle Committee are also responsible for the Led Steers competition, encouraging youth involvement in the beef industry.

Beer Samples

Beer and Cider

The growing craft industries of beer and cider are represented through the Royal Adelaide Beer and Cider Awards.

Cattle at Sunrise

Dairy Cattle and Pig

The Dairy Cattle and Pig Committee promotes a high standard of competition between exhibitors as part of a sustainable food production industry across Australia, whilst fostering relationships with the community, farmers and consumers.

Parmesan Cheese

Dairy Products

Championing the secondary industry of dairy products, the RA&HS partner with the DIAA to deliver the annual SA Dairy Awards and promote the competition winners throughout the Royal Adelaide Show.


Diverse Farming

Encompassing the Alpacas and Goats, including the Led Goat Wether competition, encouraging school involvement in the goat industry.

Dog Listening


Promoting breeding excellence through competition, the Dog Committee are responsible for the delivery of conformation, obedience, rally, agility, dog grooming, weight pull and sheep dog trials.

Wheat Field

Grains & Fodder

The Grains & Fodder Committee is to promote the significance of the cropping and harvest industries to the South Australian economy, including wheat, barley, oats, pulses, seeds and chaff.

Yellow Narcissus


The Horticulture Committee encourage home-grown produce and share the importance of greenery in our rural and urban environments.

Animal brown horse


The Horse Committee present the horse, rider, driver and carriage competitions at the annual Royal Adelaide Show. The Show program is diverse and attracts the leading and most successful competitors nationally and provides a unique opportunity for South Australian competitors to present before a judge on one of the best riding and driving surfaces in Australia.

Pastoral Scene


The Pastoral committee oversees the Sheep and Wool competitions at the Show, as well as the Elite Sheep Ram Sale and Merino Ram sale during the event.


Poultry and Pigeon

The Poultry section has one of the largest showing of poultry at any Royal Show in Australia. Eggs laid throughout the Show are donated to the Salvation Army.

Tree Removal


Looking after one of the most iconic attractions at the Show, the Woodcutting Committee also supports the local community, donating the leftover woodchips to the Rotary Club of Adelaide.

Red Wine Tasting


The Royal Adelaide Wine Show is the most prestigious wine show in Australia, featuring over 2,500 wines from over 300 wineries across the country. Wines are judged by a panel of esteemed judges from across Australia over four days, to determine medal and trophy winners.

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