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About Us

The Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia contributes to the promotion and success of South Australia’s primary industry through the staging of events and the rewarding of excellence.

  • We promote and direct the Royal Adelaide Show ensuring its continued relevance to both industry and the community

  • We educate the community about the importance of primary production to the South Australian economy with emphasis on the everyday relationship between what we grow and what we consume

  • We encourage and recognise excellence in agriculture and horticulture through the staging of competitions, exhibitions and education programs

  • We manage a vibrant Showground and event and exhibition business hosting many corporate and public events

We Value
  • Our historical origins and traditions

  • Our people and acknowledge the valuable service of our members, councillors, volunteers and employees

  • A culture of excellence, fairness, honesty and integrity is encouraged in competitions staged by the Society

  • A proactive approach and culture regarding work health and safety to ensure the well-being of employees, public and environment

  • Our environment and as a leader we strive to minimise the impact of our actions

  • Our reputation and high standing within the South Australian community and the iconic status of the Royal Adelaide Show

  • Sound financial management and in a financially responsible manner we actively manage and develop our portfolio of assets

  • Innovation and embrace the future and opportunity it presents

We Measure Our Success By
  • Competitive entries and general attendance at the Royal Adelaide Show

  • The achievements of our event and exhibition business

  • Monitoring our environmental footprint

  • Our financial standards and industry benchmarks

  • Feedback from members, councillors, volunteers, exhibitors, sponsors, the media and general public. 

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