Max Schubert Trophy


Royal Adelaide Wine Show committee members have launched the 2016 event in its 139th year amidst claims that The Max Schubert Trophy has now become Australia’s most prestigious red wine award.

Attended by Australia’s wine industry elite, the event featured speeches from Royal Adelaide Wine Show Committee Chair, Andrew Hardy, and Councillor, Nick Ryan, who shared their vision for the Max Schubert Trophy as being one of the country’s top wine honours.

“While a number of esteemed awards and trophies are handed out at the Royal Adelaide Wine Show in September each year, it’s the Max Schubert Trophy that is the true centerpiece of the event,” Mr Hardy said.

“Honouring the father of Australian table wine and the creator of Penfold’s Grange, it’s become the most coveted trophy among Australian winemakers in recent years.”

“Melbourne will of course try to claim it but we know here in South Australia that as a Great Wine Capital of the World we are in the best position to judge the best red wine in the country,” Andrew joked.

What makes the Max Schubert Trophy the country’s most coveted award? Find out by taking your place at the tasting table during this year’s Royal Adelaide Wine Show…

Ross Pamment, head winemaker at Houghton, the Western Australian wine producer that took home the 2015 Max Schubert Trophy, agreed, saying that the award has been a game changer for Houghton.

“We sold out of the 2013 Crofters Shiraz immediately after the announcement last year, which certainly made the accountants happy, but it was more than just a sales boost for us,” Mr Pamment said.

“We’re known more for our white wines and Cabernet Sauvignon’s, so winning the Max Schubert Trophy really boosted Houghton’s profile as a Shiraz producer – it also put a spotlight on the Frankland River region, which is relatively unknown outside of Western Australia.

“Being a cool climate area the style of Shiraz we produce is quite unique – medium bodied, spicy, with vibrant fruit flavours and subtle oak – so while the immediate sales impact was great, it was also fantastic to be rewarded for doing something different in such a high profile way.”

Mr Pamment – a Len Evans wine tutorial graduate who regularly features on wine judging panels himself – said that the Adelaide Wine Show was uniquely supportive of innovative and new style wines.

“The Royal Adelaide Wine Show is one of the most highly regarded shows in Australia, because it does such a great job of rewarding a broad breadth of styles,” he said. “While some shows have a style agenda Adelaide doesn’t outwardly show a bias, which is refreshing.

“It’s that openness to diversity that makes Max Schubert the perfect namesake for the Show’s top trophy. He was not only an industry giant, he represented innovative thinking in winemaking.

“Max Schubert’s experimentation with American Oak and Shiraz, based on his studies in France in the 1940s, led to a unique Australian wine style.

“It’s very fitting that his name be associated with Australia’s most innovative and highly regarded wine award.”

The 2016 Max Schubert Trophy will be awarded during the Royal Adelaide Wine Show Presentation on Friday 30 September. The public will have an opportunity to taste the Max Schubert Trophy winner at Taste of the Best at 6pm on Friday 30 September.

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